Testimonials written by traders we have been cooperating with are best indicators of our company’s performance.


I have been dealing with day trading since 2009. The RemoteDayTrader Group is the third company I have come across while trading on various stock exchanges. I have been cooperating with it and I must say that I value it the most. The said fact is caused by payouts made without any significant delays and a professional support that is always helpful.

Sebastian, day trader


Many years have passed since I started my adventure with American stock exchanges. Thanks to joining the group, I am constantly updated about all the important changes/news. In the case of any technical problems, I can always contact support which has on many occasions helped me solve my problems. Cooperation terms are highly alluring and, in comparison to competitive offices and firms, the list of short position companies is vast and has not been radically changed. Basing on my experiences, I can wholeheartedly recommend the RemoteDayTrader Group.

Mateusz, day trader


RDT is the best solution on the Polish market, especially for traders interested in American stock exchanges. Low commissions and fees, proper support, and the access to the Starling Pro are all incentives that should convince you to start trading on such markets as NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. I recommend the company to all the interested individuals.

Paweł, day trader


The approach to traders is very honest and professional in nature. It is the company with the vastest experience in Poland when it comes to intermediating stock trading on American stock exchanges. They offer their customers not only their experience in the field, but also quick and effective support, know how, etc. It must be also highlighted that the owner of the company is always helpful and respectful.

Mariusz, day trader


The RemoteDayTrader.pl has been recommended to me by a trader who have been cooperating with the company since its establishment. I have had almost two years of experience in prop trading thanks to the collaboration with a company from Wroclaw. Therefore, I have known ins and outs of the industry and have been looking for most attractive cooperation terms allowing me to lower operational costs and get a better payout split. Payments for the available platform (Sterling Trader Pro) and quotations (full freedom of choice, open books from NYSE and NASDAQ, you can choose what you really need) have been similar to the ones offered by the competitors, but I have been truly convinced to join the group by commissions per shares. It is the best offer on the market, without hidden clearing costs. Polish support has quickly addressed all my problems. Before joining the group, I was waiting for hours to be helped, but now I have no problems with that. The group has a brilliant web interface showing the status of my case. In the case of global problems afflicting all the traders, I have always received an e-mail message with the explanation of the causes of problems and the estimated repair time. I also have to say that contact with the company while concluding the agreement and negotiating cooperation terms has been spot on. Some say that when it comes to trading, there are no stupid questions. I have followed that quote and asked Tomek about all issues that have been troublesome for me. I have always been provided with a satisfactory answer. The approach of the company towards clients is very professional. I can recommend it.

Marek, day trader


I have been taking advantage of the services provided by RemoteDayTrader for many years. During my cooperation with the company, I have not experienced significant difficulties or problems and as for now, I am satisfied with the cooperation terms. I have the access to the market, vast list of ECNs offered by RDT, and numerous possibilities of creating my own strategies. What is more, a large number of companies to choose from is yet another advantage of the company, especially while combined with the sorting option.
Support works efficiently, communication is great. I recommend the company to everybody.

Michał, day trader