The cooperation with the Remote DayTrader Group gives you the opportunity of taking advantage of one of the best US Stock Market access offers thanks to the collaboration with a proprietary trading company.

We offer trading possibilities for the so-called Remote Traders, as well as full support for Prop trading offices. Almost ten years of experience in the prop trading industry shows that not only our company but also out traders have been able to swiftly adjust to the constantly changing market situation.

Our major advantages are, among others, low commissions and fees which are highly beneficial especially for active traders.

Remember, you receive a trading capital, the so-called buying power from us. Thanks to that, you have the possibility of making transactions requiring capital that you have not even been dreaming about.

Key benefits

  1. Access to NYSE / NASDAQ / AMEX stock exchanges.
  2. Access to factual trading capital (without leverages)
  3. Lack of 25k$ day trading principle (no PDT Rule)
  4. Numerous companies on the ETB list (easy to borrow)
  5. Commissions per shares, not per transactions.
  6. Highest availability of ECNs, Dark Pools, and Smart Routes in the industry
  7. Efficient access to the market; quick order execution.
  8. Discounts on news systems .
  9. 9. Discounts for traders generating remarkable volume.

Each and every year, the Remote DayTrader Group co-organizes the „DayTrader Event„. It is the best chance imaginable to meet us live. All the traders being members of our group will also be awarded with discounts on conference tickets.

We cooperate with partners from all over the world. Our traders are guaranteed an astonishing trading partner offer.


The Trade Ideas Company is one of our partners. It offers a comprehensive real-time auction scanner for companies listed on US Stock Markets: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC, Pink Sheet, as well as on Canadian ones.

All traders being members of our group are granted 15% discount on all Trade Ideas products!

Official website:

The Pro Benzinga Company is one of our partner – is offer a truly intriguing news, macro data, quarterly results-related, and audio news.

All the traders being members of our group will be granted a 1- month trial of the system for free. After the said period, they will be offered 20% off on all the services provided by the company.

Official website: