Prop trading offer

Traders are the core of the RemoteDayTrader Group and that is why we predominantly focus on their needs and expectations. Commission is calculated basing on the amount of shares rather than on the number transactions made. You pay commission by share, with no minimum! What is more, there are additional bonuses, including lower commissions for traders generating substantial volume. Check our prop trading offer right now.

Remote Trading – Proprietary Trading

Commission per share from 0.00025$/share *
Performance bond (minimum) 3000$
Buying power Start with 75k$ +
Payout 85%
Quotations In accordance with stock exchange’s fees
Sterling Trader 150$/month
Additional fees SEC + NSCC (sell side), TAF/NASD
Others No account opening/suspending fees
Do you represent a group of traders **? Contact us to be presented with a special offer.

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Sterling Trainee Program

New to stock market? Or don’t need more than 75k$ buying power? We can offer you special deal – 4 months without Sterling Trader fee. It normally costs 150$/month. So you can save up to 600$!

Trade Ideas scanners

All of our traders can get access to our Trade Ideas scanners which filters NYSE and NASDAQ based on our best trading strategies!

Would you like to open your own trading office?

We are highly experienced when it comes to opening and developing trading-oriented offices. We are capable of preparing both formal and technical solutions for you with regard to office organization, management, and development.

If you want to open your very own trading office – contact us.

* The commission depends on the volume generated by the trader (calculated basing on trader’s track record).
** If you are experienced in trading on US Stock Markets or represent a group of traders – contact us to negotiate individual cooperation terms.