85% Payout

Our company offers highest payouts on the market, especially for experienced traders.

0.00025$ / share

We are fully aware of transaction costs, so we also ensure lowest commission possible.

Excellent support

Experienced servicing team constantly supporting traders.

Remote Trading

Our company also offers remote trading option regardless of where you are. Join us!

ECN rebates

You will receive full ECN rebates!

600$ savings

4 months free - for Sterling Trader. You can save 150$/month, so 600$ total.

Dark Pools

Additionally you get access to big number of Dark Pools and smart routers

No PDT Rule

No Pattern Day Trade Rule when trading with us!

Join the biggest do Remote Trader group in Poland and start your adventure on US Stock Markets, such as: NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.

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Do you run your own prop trading office? Would you like to negotiate better terms for your traders? We are capable of overshadowing every single deal. Contact us to agree upon cooperation terms.

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